Jen Hetherington

Jennifer Hetherington is an Australian author and artist who holds a degree from Griffith University in Communications (Creative Writing and Screen Studies). Jen was delighted to have her short story “In Random’s Wake” shortlisted and published in the Lane Cove Literary Awards 2019 Anthology.

Her works reflect, with both text and illustration, the coastal countryside of Northern NSW where she grew up. After decades involved in the textile industry as a designer, manufacturer and educator, Jen has returned to her love of the creative arts, primarily as a writer of poetry and short stories.

With more collections undergoing the editing process, Jen also has several novellas in various stages of development, all influenced and motivated by the local and emotional landscape that shaped her. 

Between Coastal Rocks & Softer Places


This first poetry collection reflects on environments, physical and emotional, that traverse several decades of musings. From the wispy winds of, ‘I Sail’, to the forlorn, ‘Tick of the Clock’, to a black cat tour in an English cemetery, ‘The Resting place at Highgate’. Other works will take you to the water, a place of magic colours, and sacrament, a reverence… or loss…

Shifts in mood, voice and rhythm allow for short episodes, some with ironic humour. Intertwined narratives, for light or folly, are just that. Not so unique are stories of family, meant for thinking deeply.

‘Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.’
Edgar Allen Poe

"Between Coastal Rocks & Softer Places" is available from RoseyRavelston Books and all great bookshops.