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Home and Away

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We're a typical Australian family. Barbeques, footy, gardening, school, Holden Commodores. Then one day things change.

'April 26, Dad burns the toast, yells at Toby, thanks me for cleaning the cab of the truck, kisses Mum and Toby, then he's gone...

April 27, the war starts...

May 21, the city's in ruins, blackouts nearly all the time, food is hard to find...

September 13, Dad hears news of a boat. We might get out of here yet...

September 28, it's just after dawn. A boat from their Navy has found us. We wave and cry and cheer. But then, slowly, we realise they are shouting at us, telling us to go away...

September 30, we are in a huge prison, with razor wire all around us...'

The powerful and thought-provoking CBCA Honour Book HOME AND AWAY is now part of LOTHIAN AUSTRALIAN FAVOURITES.

Ages 9+