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Stay-at-home mum Fran Clarke is approaching both her thirty-seventh birthday and crisis point.

Once a brilliant voiceover artist, she now hasn't worked for years. The talent hasn't deserted her - only her self-belief.

She could have it all, if she could only see it. But with her confidence shot and a husband who no longer knows how to help her, most days all she sees is the bottom of a wine glass.

Fran knows she has to stop the downward spiral before she self-destructs completely. But she hits rock bottom when she realises she can't even solve the problems of her own two children. And if she thinks she's a hopeless flake, imagine what the other school-run mums think of her.

Ultimately it is her two best friends she must thank for her salvation. Not because they are there for her, but because she learns to be there for them.

Being a mum can be hysterically funny. But it can also be heartbreakingly tough.

That's Motherland.