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Nicked Names

Nicked Names

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High school student Norman "Zebra" Smith, half British & half Ghanaian, lives at the crossroads of race and identification

In response to racial slurs from other students, Norman embraces hybridity and forms a Rainbow Alliance with other ethnic minority students against black & white judgements.

Inspired to act by a colourful combination of Hip Hop, Shakespeare, his teacher Mr Neal and the US Civil Rights movement, Norman and his allies use the unlikely arena of a High School auditorium to expose the racist bully Goodwin and his henchmen.

Choosing to own their "nicked names", Norman and his friends take centre stage, silencing their opponents and proving the power of words to unite us all.

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About the Author

Andrew is a writer and teacher who has lived in the UK, Japan and currently Australia. Of Anglo-Ghanaian heritage, his work seeks to explore and challenge liminal landscapes, complex identities and the social constructs of race.

Most recently, his work is featured ­­­­in 'The Best New British and Irish Poets Anthology 2019-2021', The Black Spring Press Group, ‘Poetry for the Planet: An Anthology of Imagined Futures’, Litoria Press and 'Nombono: An Anthology of Speculative Poetry by BIPOC Poets' by Sundress Publications.

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