NZ Frenzy: New Zealand South Island

NZ Frenzy: New Zealand South Island

Scott Cook
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The NZ Frenzy guidebooks are New Zealand’s most comprehensive outdoors guidebooks.

These aren’t the typical Lonely Planet-type “Travel Guide” filled with hotels, tours, restaurants, museums, etc etc. The NZ Frenzy guidebooks are exclusively “Outdoors” guidebooks filled with walking trails, waterfalls, hot springs, beaches, caves, wildlife viewing, etc, etc.

NZ Frenzy does detail the most popular tourist attractions, but more importantly, the guidebooks contain a ton of off-the-beaten-path locations that local Kiwis consider the “Real” New Zealand. Using NZ Frenzy will get you off the typical well-beaten tourist pathways and into a jaw-drop landscape away from the hustling tour buses.

If you’re going to New Zealand to travel on a guided tour bus or planning to stay in just one location…then NZ Frenzy won’t help you too much. But, if like most travellers, you are going to New Zealand to see and explore one of the world's most incredible and varied landscapes…then NZ Frenzy will be the best money you spend on your NZ adventure.

NZ Frenzy will make your NZ travels far more unique and unforgettable than any other “Travel Guide” you’ll buy.