The Great Depression Ahead

The Great Depression Ahead

Harry S. Dent
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How to Prosper in the Crash that Follows the Greatest Boom in History

From the author of the international bestseller The Roaring 2000s comes a new book that predicts a major economic crash and offers advice on how to survive it.

Harry S. Dent has predicted changes in the market with uncanny accuracy for over a decade. He foresaw the recession of 1990-1991, the expansion of the mid-nineties and the boom of 1998-2000. Now, in The Great Crash of 2010, he predicts that our economy is heading towards a major depression. The slowdown, he says, will continue for at least a decade.

The Great Crash of 2010 explains the forces behind this downturn and gives practical steps investors can take today to protect themselves from tomorrow's worst and position themselves to take advantage of the changing conditions.

With practical applications at all levels, Harry S. Dent's is a voice that no serious investor can afford to ignore.