Ursula: A Voyage of Love and Drama

Ursula: A Voyage of Love and Drama

Eileen Naseby
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Lovely note inside cover, otherwise excellent condition

Beautiful, smart, talented, impatient, dissatisfied, and critical, Ursula was many things to many people. In a life filled with love and drama, hope and disappointment, she had to reinvent herself again and again. Her pampered childhood in Germany ended abruptly in flight from the coming Nazi terror.

Suddenly, she and her mother were living hand-to-mouth in Palestine where her dreams seemed to be blowing away in the dust. Then came the suitors, drawn by her movie-star looks and surprised by her gifted mind. Adventurers, officers and gentlemen, including the dashing Laurens Van Der Post, wooed her.

Her choice, however, would lead to pain and scandal and see Ursula risking everything to follow love, first to England, then to Australia.

This exquisitely written biography is the true story of a remarkable woman who lived through extraordinary times. Its author, Eileen Naseby, is Ursula's daughter, and in seeking the truth about her mother's life, she has rediscovered the woman she thought was lost to her.

Vivid, moving and unforgettable, this is Ursula's story.